“Pope Francis – Appointed to Join the Hearts of Protestant Faith – Catholic – Those Who Are Spirit-filled”


Kim ClementProphesied on April 19, 2014 – From The Den

A Renewal  Will Far Surpass the 60s and 70s

As I stand at this cross, there is one that I have chosen who has kneeled at this cross many, many times. I speak of the one who calls himself after St. Francis of Assisi. The Spirit of the Lord spoke for him to come and stand at the head, “But this man is not like any other,”says the Lord. This man has been appointed to join the hearts of Protestant faith – Catholic – those who are Spirit-filled. And I will do something so unique and so different,” says the Lord, “because of his acknowledgement of My power.

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It’s Time to March Forward! Prophetic Signs From Bob Jones!

Doug AddisonThere has been a horrendous attack against those who are advancing right now. March is coming in like a lion with warfare and resistance but it is going out like a lion as well. The result will create a new strength of character that you need right now: to be “gentle as a lamb.” Humility is a key to overcoming and advancing.

March Forward!

If there is one word to describe what we need to do…that is “March.” Forward motion will open the doors in front of you and close the doors behind. “As you go” things will open. Don’t sit down or give up right now. The enemy’s plans are to get you discouraged and quit, but God is sending help and angelic reinforcements.

The first three months of 2014 have been a testing time. Many people have taken themselves out of the game but it is not time to back down. It is time… Continue reading

There Are ‘Eight Wells’ That Are Going to Be Unstopped in the Year 2014

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Kim ClementDecember 31, 2013 – New Years Eve at the Den:

“This is the Beginning of Acceleration”

The Spirit says, “Draw a little closer; gather around in one accord for this is what draws Me closer to humanity. I look for unity; I crave unity for it is there that I command My blessing. This nation has been torn to pieces; divided in discord even in My house. But I look for the sound of unity for it is as the oil that ran down the beard of Aaron, down his robe.”

“This is where I will command My blessing for I have whispered in the ear of My prophets, Can these bones live? I spoke to Ezekiel and I said, Can these bones live? Yes, you know, Lord. And My Spirit came and as He spoke it went to the north and to the south, to the east and to the west. My question to you is, Can these bones live? Can My Spirit bring them back to life? Those who have died; those who are spiritually dead, can these bones live?

“For I have excitement for you,” says the Spirit. “Though you are surrounded by fear, doom and gloom, I have set apart certain truths for My people to prosper and I say to you, It has now begun. They have spoken of the dinar. They have spoken of the amazing discoveries – the Big E, synchroton. I have spoken of these things that will be manifest, but yet there has been a cover upon these things. I say to you: I will release them one at a time because this is the beginning of acceleration,” says the Spirit of God.

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“I Distinctly Heard Him Say 2014 Would Be The Year of the Quantum Leap”

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Tom and Jane HamonAt the beginning of this year, as I was seeking the Lord regarding the season we are in, I distinctly heard Him say this would be the “Year of the Quantum Leap!” I had of course heard this term before, but I didn’t fully understand the meaning of it in regards to what God desires to do in and through His Church. Webster’sdefines “Quantum Leap” as follows: “a sudden and significant change or increase; something sudden, spectacular and vitally important, a sudden highly significant advance…breakthrough!” Wow! Am I ever ready for this! Aren’t you?

Upon further research, I discovered that in quantum science a quantum leap is described as Convergence: Quantum Physics, Scripture, and Prophecy by Ras and Bev Robinsonan abrupt movement of an electron from one radiant energy level to another with no smooth transition…no in between. An electron will build up energy and become “excited,” then will suddenly jump or leap to another level to orbit another atom. As it does the photons emit a burst of light! It goes from point A to point B with no in between. Once it makes this jump it finds a place of stability, then begins to build energy once again to work up to the next leap to the next level. In a quantum leap moment, BAM!Everything changes! It is a “suddenly” season filled with light, energy, and power that redefines our present and our future.

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The Lord Said, “There is an epic battle presently raging over Who I am.”

Bob HartleyGoing From a Retreating, Misery Christianity to a Hope-Filled, Reforming Christianity

I experienced a series of visitations in the past few weeks that revealed God’s jealous and hope-filled heart of love for His people and plan according to this passage:

“The LORD goes out like a mighty man, like a man of war He stirs up His zeal; He cries out, He shouts aloud, He shows Himself mighty against His foes” (Isaiah 42:13).

God has extensively spoken in past revelations that have laid the foundations for this understanding of God’s zeal to displace what has hurt His children. He has called it “misery Christianity” versus “a hope-filled Christianity.” By this second reformation He will activate and empower 50 million “Hope Reformers” to usher whole cities and nations into great blessings and manifestations of the Kingdom of God in every arena of life.

This is our first report of what the Lord said regarding a 2014 “word in season” with some context and comments added to aid the understanding.

The Lord GOD has given me the tongue of those who are taught, that I may know how to sustain with a word him who is weary… Isaiah 50:4

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Birthing in the New Year – “I Am Preparing You For Something Big”

Kent SimpsonNow that we have stepped into the New Year of 2014, I felt that you needed to know what our Lord is saying in part about what you can expect.

God Chooses the Weak Things of This World

2 Peter 1:19 “And so we have the prophetic word confirmed, which you do well to heed as a light that shines in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts…”

Hear the clock ticking“As the morning yields to the rising of the Son, the New Millennium attempts to follow after a more earthly one. 2014 will usher in many changes; with each season the Spirit will teach you many new things. Some will hear what you have learned with cheers and others with jeers. There will be an array of changes in both the spiritual and the natural realms. After you have been established you will see My Spirit has been continually moving before you, stretching your faith further than it ever has been before. I am preparing you for something big that you will not just hear about but be in the middle of, My resurrection power.

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I’m Going to Give You a New Source of Energy and Resources!

Kim Clement:

Kim_Clement_150pxGod Wants to Open Up Resources To His People.

September 21, 2013 – From The Den:

[God] started dealing with me about the blessings that are supposed to be on the people of God – people that serve Him, people that give, people that do good. There’s supposed to be a blessing.

So, I began to pray for different things, and while I was in the garden, I was speaking to someone about building an altar there so that I can bring all the prayer requests to a literal altar as well, and then I heard this in my mind: He said, “I want you to tell all the businessmen and businesswomen, all the business people, that you are going to dedicate a specific day to pray for their businesses.”

I saw it developing and I began to pray. I saw young people become entrepreneurs, and they’re going to make millions and billions of dollars that are set aside for them. You see, God sets times and seasons aside for certain things.

When I was in the garden, I was catching a glimpse of this season where God wants to really raise up businesses for people that want to start businesses and people that are in businesses now that are drying up (in other words, you’re not doing very well). There’s another business for you.There’s something new – a new opportunity, a new door that has opened up for you.

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The Spirit of Jehu is Rising

Newsletter dated: Saturday, February 16, 2013

Dear Praying Friends:

During our weekend, the Spirit of Prophecy fell, and Barbara Wentroble, Keith Pierce and I began to prophesy:

The Spirit of Jehu is Rising
Prophecy given on: February 09, 2013 in Corinth, TX by Barbara Wentroble

And I hear the Spirit of the Lord say I am mantling you with a Jehu spirit in this hour.  For the Lord said, I’m going to cause that Jehu spirit to rise up in you.
And I say, that that has stopped the prophetic voice in days past, I’m going to give you the power and the anointing to break the power of that.  I say I am resurrecting that gift that is in you, that that was shut down, that that was pushed aside.  I say this is the hour that I come and I cause a fresh new river of My anointing to flow through you.  I say… Continue reading

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